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Terms from the fashion world

Alles rund um die Mode für große Frauen.

Alles rund um die  Mode  für große Frauen. read more »
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Terms from the fashion world

Alles rund um die Mode für große Frauen.


The word "oversized" comes from English and means too big.

Check pattern

Check pattern or checks is the name for a pattern that is created from many squares of the same size.

Fall 2022 fashion trends

The fashion trends of autumn 2022 in a nutshell


A corduroy is a rough fabric, which has velvet-like longitudinal ribs.

Trend colors fall 2022

Pink, brown, lilac, orange these are the trend colors of autumn 2022

Retro Style

In the fashion world, retro style refers to the use of trends from the past.


The fabric is especially popular for summer clothing, as it has a cooling effect and good moisture absorption.


Basics are garments that belong in every wardrobe.


Leather is a material used in fashion for a wide variety of garments.

All Denim Look

The "all-over-denim look" is an outfit that combines jeans with jeans.


In the fashion world, wool is mostly understood to be the fibers from the fur of a sheep.

Monochrome Looks

Coming from the Greek, "monochrome" means something like "one color". In fashion, this means an outfit that is kept tone-in-tone or is built in a color family.
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